I was fortunate enough to have appropriate Income Protection cover when I was diagnosed with an illness that prevented me from working for 14 weeks.
This cover allowed me to continue to receive an income stream while off work,  which allowed me to maintain my current lifestyle and afford the medical expenses incurred for treatments.
The peace of mind having this in place was invaluable especially not knowing when diagnosed as to how long I would be unable to work. I can’t imagine how I would have managed without the cover.
The process of the claim was seamless. Laura who was the CCS Claims Manager at the time, dealt with all the necessary paperwork required by the insurance company, submitted everything for me and kept me informed at all times as to the progress of the initial claim and the monthly assessments for payments to continue. The claims management was outstanding and I am very grateful. 

Female Client – Age 50 at time of claim

I was 38 when I took out my Trauma Insurance on the recommendation of Jason Churchill, he convinced me that it was necessary as part of my total Insurance package at my stage of life. Who would have thought that at 39 I would be making a claim after suffering a heart attack and requiring a triple bypass. I spoke to Jason from hospital and couldn't believe it when he came and delivered the necessary paperwork to start the claims process. Everything went incredibly smoothly and he personally delivered the payment cheque! Our family can not thank him enough for recommending the trauma insurance, the relief that it provided my wife and 2 children (then aged 10 and 7) knowing that our house was secure and allowing us all to recover physically and mentally meant a lot to us all.

Male Client – Age 39 at time of claim

I recently had a melanoma removed - the specialist said he saved my life. I am only young and regularly had my skin checked so this was quite unexpected. I am very grateful for the easy access we have to specialists services to detect such traumas before they become fatal. The incident caused my family and I a great deal of anxiety and fear about skin cancer generally. I was lucky and very thankful to have had trauma insurance in place - this provided much comfort at the time. I am thankful for the initial and very professional advice I received from the CCS Director/Adviser which was critical to ensuring that I had insurance cover for this type of trauma. The process of making a claim was made very easy due to the help and support of the CCS Insurance Solutions Team. They prepared all of the application documentation with input from me for only key documentation to support the claim such as doctors reports and alike. I was always informed and kept up to date on the status of my application once it had been submitted, which was all completed within a reasonable timeframe. I would advise any one considering taking out trauma insurance to do so with CCS.

Male Client, Age 28 at time of claim

The organising and processing of my Trauma claim couldn’t have been easier with CCS during what was a very traumatic time.  One phone call to Jason got the ball rolling and the paperwork arrived within days. Michelle was fantastic having completed basic details and marking the crucial areas for attention. Once the forms were returned to CCS it was only a couple of weeks before Michelle was ringing to say our trauma claim had been approved and the money deposited into our bank account. There were absolutely no hassles and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the result and most importantly the service we received from the staff at CCS.

Female client, Age 48 at time of Claim